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Now 40% Thicker plies used to create premium VSS ™ Maple Drum Shells

MANCHESTER, NH (October 25, 2013) - Keller Shells expands their offerings once again by adding a new line of drum shells made with Maple plys that are 40% thicker than the plys used to make their current VSS ™ Maple Drum Shells. This new line of shells is made using VSS technology and will be offered in 5, 7, and 9 ply configurations with diameters of 10" through 24".

The use of thicker veneers brings out the full potential of Maple as a tonal wood. A shell with more wood and less glue produces a more organic tone and allows the warmth of the Maple to really come through. The increase in sustain and the low full-bodied fundamental notes are immediately noticed. The thicker plys really bring out the best in these shells; Toms and Snares have rich, focused tones and bass drums are thunderous, explains Justin Owen, Special Accounts Manager and musical shell expert at Keller. The Magnum Series offers another great avenue for drum companies and custom builders to expand their offerings and differentiate themselves from one another.

The 5, 7 and 9 ply configurations result in an extremely well balanced shell that also offers a great platform for finishing. This is a win-win for the drum world! We couldn't be more pleased with how these shells perform. The Magnum Series also features a Limited Lifetime Warranty!


Carbon Fiber added to the inside ply of our premium VSS™ Snare

MANCHESTER, NH (February 11, 2010) — Keller Shells expands the offerings of our maple snares by adding a Carbon Fiber ply to the interior of our 5 ply VSS™ 14 inch diameter snares.

The marriage of these materials in a single shell results in a configuration that retains warm tones of Maple while giving the shells increased projection, volume, and an unprecedented strength to weight ratio. The dynamic range of this shell is already enhanced by our patented VSS™ Shell conditioning technology.

“Using our 5 ply production snare shell, we've maximized the amazing dynamics of this maple shell by applying a thin inner ply of Carbon fiber to the interior. With the warmth of Maple and the attack of the Carbon Fiber, you get the best of both worlds in the same shell!” explains Justin Owen, Special Accounts Manager at Keller. "We are proud to provide the drum community with another new product innovation. Our customers are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their sound and we are pleased to help them perform at the highest levels."

Not only will the sound entice you, the cool Carbon Fiber interior appearance will soon make this one of your favorite snares!


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