Carbon Fiber Shells

Are you looking for a unique sound?

We have created a totally new breed of snare shells by adding a finished Carbon Fiber ply to the interior of our 5 ply VSS™ 14 inch diameter snares. With the sunny warm tones of Maple and the attack of Carbon Fiber our new snares offer our customers a different and unique voice.

The marriage of these materials in a single shell results in a configuration that retains warm tones of Maple while giving the shells increased projection, volume, and an unprecedented strength to weight ratio. The dynamic range of this shell is further enhanced by our patented VSS™ Shell conditioning technology.

Not only do our Carbon Fiber snares sound great, they look great as well with their cool finished Carbon Fiber interior! Sizes of our Carbon Fiber Snare shells range from 4" to 7" depths (1/2 inch increments).


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